Altitude:11350Ft. Base Camp:Lohajung
Duration:6 Days Trek Difficulty:Easy To Moderate
Trek Length:31km

Out of the other meadow treks in our country — Dayara Bugyal, Gidara Bugyal, and Bhrigu Lake trek — Ali Bedni has the grandest of mountain views. That’s because of one thing —  the sight of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti jutting right out of the meadows.

Jutting out doesn’t mean you see the tops of these mountains, you see the entire face — almost 6000-7000 feet of it — rising right in front of you.

The spring season is about to end on the Ali-Bedni Bugyal trek. Soon, green meadows will start peeping out from under the snow.

By summer, you see meadows carpeted with fresh grass.

The surprise of finding yourself in Ali Bugyal after trekking through dense forests is unbeatable. The moment you get out of the shades of the forest cover, you see acres and acres of green carpet sprawled out in front of you. Mt Trishul, stands tall against the blue skies, making for a formidable backdrop. Horses and their foals tear themselves across the turf in an uninhibited abandon while the cattle graze lazily on this bounty.

The walk to Bedni Bugyal from here is exhilarating! It is a walk that tempts you to take off your shoes and feel this carpet for yourselves. The Bedni Bugyal is another stop in this meadow country – a strip of vibrant green, overlooking the western valley.  Popping right out of this meadow-like sentient, silent guards are the mountains of Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. If you climb the Bedni Top, other high risers of the imposing Chaukhamba range open up before you. These incredible settings make these twin meadows a must-do on the trekker’s bucket list.

Accommodation: 2 Nights in a  Homestay in Lohajung on a triple sharing basis. 3 Nights Tented Accommodation on  a triple sharing basis.
Transportation: Surface transfer from Rishikesh – Lohajung – Rishikesh by Sumo / Bolero / Tempo Traveler (Depends on the number of travelers).
Meals: All vegetarian meals from day 1st Dinner to day 6th Morning tea.
Snacks: Morning / Evening Tea / Coffee with light snacks and soup while on the trek.
Camping logistics: Tent, Sleeping bags, Mattresses, Dining tent, Toilet tent, Sitting Stools.
Trek Leader:Qualified and Experienced Trek leader and support staff.
Permits:All necessary fees and permits. (For Indians)
Trekking Equipment:Gaiters, Micro Spikes, and Rope if required.
Safety Equipment:Basic First Aid kit with Oximeter and Oxygen Cylinder and Stretcher.
Guide ratio:1:10
Any expenses of personal nature.
Meals during transit.
Insurance of any kind.
Any fees and permits (for non-Indians).
Unscheduled delay due to a landslide.
Cost Escalation due to “Force Majeure and Evacuation charges”.
Anything not mentioned explicitly in the above program.

Day 1 : Rishikesh to Lohajung (258 Kilometers, 8.5 Hours Drive)

  • The group will assemble at the pickup point at 06:00 AM. Afterward, you’ll be introduced to the whole group and a small briefing session would also be provided.
  • On our journey from Rishikesh to Lohajung, we’d be driving on zig zag routes with the roaring Alaknanda river occasionally coming into view. We’d be passing through Devprayag, Karnprayag, Rudraprayag, which are the three prayags of the Panch-Prayag.
  • The mighty Shivalik ranges of the Garhwal region would be peeking from behind, beckoning you closer and providing you beautiful views to gaze at until we reach our basecamp.
  • We’ll reach Lohajung in the evening and check into our designated home stays.
  • Dinner will be served in the evening followed by overnight stay.
    *The pick-up point would be Rishikesh ISBT (tentative).

Day 2 : Lohajung to Didina (7 Kilometers, 6 Hours Trek)

  • After early morning breakfast, a small briefing session would be provided where all the necessary details about the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek will be shared. After which, we will head towards Didina which is our first campsite.
  • The trekking trail to Didina is steep and will test your endurance. The path leads you downhill through dense forests with the stream of Neel Ganga river flowing under the metal bridge that we will cross. The path will soon wind upwards and we’ll reach Didina after a steep ascent.
  • We will check into the Didina campsite where lunch will be served.
  • The rest of the day is at leisure but trekkers are advised to explore the quaint village.
  • In the evening, we will indulge in some group bonding sessions, followed by dinner and an overnight stay in Didina.

Day 3 : Didina to Ali Bugyal (8 Kilometers, 6 Hours Trek)

  • Post breakfast, we’ll head towards Ali Bugyal. All the necessary details about the trekking trails for the rest of the day will be shared by the trek leader.
  • En-route we will be making a pit stop at Tolpani which is the last point for acquiring water on this trek. As you ascend upwards, you will be traversing through oak forests and the entire stroll seems like a dream. The tree line slowly starts to vanish and the steep climb is replaced by steady ground until you reach the ridge top where Ali Bugyal comes into view.
  • We set up camps in the greenlands of Ali Bugyal and enjoy the stunning landscape of the meadow stretched in front of us.
  • After we have lunch, The rest of the day is at leisure. You can spend peaceful moments in the lap of nature and immerse yourself in the serenity of the bugyal.
  • Dinner will be served in the evening followed by an overnight stay at the Ali Bugyal campsite.

Day 4 : Ali Bugyal to Ghairoli Patal via Bedni Bugyal (6 Kilometers, 5 Hours Trek)

  • After having morning tea and breakfast, we will head towards Ghairoli Patal. As we leisurely walk ahead for a few miles, and follow the path downhill, it commences the start of the trail of Bedni Bugyal. The other half of the twin meadows of Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek, the pristine Himalayan meadows of Bedni Bugyal provides a stunning view of the peaks of Trisul and Nanda Ghati.
  • After traversing through the lush green meadows, a sharp descent will mark the end of the meadow and treelines will start to appear. Oak and  rhododendron trees will come into view and as you keep descending, you will soon reach a clearing, which is our next campsite, Gharoli Patal.
  • Upon reaching Gharoli Patal, we will have lunch. The rest of the day is at leisure.
  • Dinner will be served in the evening followed by an overnight stay at Gharoli Patal.

Day 5 : Gharoli Patal to Lohajung (6 Kilometers, 5 Hours Trek)

  • After breakfast, we’ll start our descent and embark on a steep ridge that will lead you to the Neel Ganga River.
  • We will witness streams of Neel Ganga flowing ceaselessly as we walk. We can make a pit stop here for a breather and enjoy the serene view. The cool water will wash away all your exhaustion.
  • After a short climb from the river, you will reach the ridge overlooking Wan Village. After walking down a steep path, we will reach the roadside area. From here, we would board a vehicle and drive to Lohajung.
  • Upon reaching Lohajung, we will check-in at our homestays. The rest of the day is at leisure but trekkers are advised to go for local sightseeing and souvenir shopping.
  • Dinner will be served in the evening followed by an overnight stay in Lohajung.

Day 6 : Lohajung to Rishikesh (258 Kilometers, 8.5 Hours Drive)

  • Post breakfast, we will start the return journey to Rishikesh and will reach there by evening.
  • The group will disassemble and part their ways with fond memories.
  • End of tour.

Short summary of your Ali Bedni Bugyal trek:

In this Ali Bedni Trek, you first make your way from Rishikesh to Lohajung and witness the majestic Garhwal mountains in the backdrop while the Alaknanda river flows relentlessly. Upon reaching Lohajung you get a closer look at the Nanda Ghunti peak that captivates you with its glory and magnificence.

A cluster of villages can be found near Lohajung and you will get to experience the slow paced lives that people lead here. If you forgot to pack any extra layers or just need to buy some handwoven gloves etc then you can visit the local shops that people have set up here.

A zig zag trail through the forests will lead you to your next campsite which is Didina. The trek from Lohajung to Didina is of moderate level but the steep climb tests your muscle endurance. You will need to drink water regularly while ascending to avoid exhaustion and muscle cramps. After traversing through the village, you will reach the campsite that is at an elevation of about 200ft from the village.

With the stream of river running by its side, the campsite of Didina in this Ali bedni Bugyal trek is calming and provides some much needed comfort as well. The valley spreads out like a carpet beneath your feet as you make your way towards Ali bugyal, one part of the twin Himalayan meadows which come together to make the largest alpine meadows of our country.

The tree lines give way to the ridge top where Ali Bugyal comes into view. You will set up camp in the green fields of Ali Bugyal and enjoy the picturesque landscape that is a blend of blue skies and lush green meadows. As dusk will start to fall, the green grass will acquire a golden glow, making it seem as if you’re sitting in a pool made entirely of sunlight.

The next day after a leisurely walk, you will reach the stunning Bedni Bugyal that overlooks the western side of the valley and provides you with the most beautiful view of your surroundings.

As you keep strolling, you will soon reach the Bedni top which is at an altitude of 12,550 ft and you get to see the best view of Trishul peak and Nanda ghunti peak from the Bedni top in this Ali Bedni Bugyal trek. You will also catch a beautiful sight of water sparkling in the sunlight, in the middle of all the greenery just a few meters below and that pool of water is none other than the Bedni Kund that is one of the highlights of the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek.

Finally the meadows end after you make a steep descent to give way to the oak and rhododendron forests that lead you to Ghairoli Patal. After spending a night here, you make way to Wan Village after coming across the cool waters of Neel Ganga and finally get to the roadside, commencing your Ali Bedni bugyal trekking journey.

In a matter of six days, you got to witness the beauty and serenity of meadows whilst also being able to indulge in an enthralling trek that unfolds into something beautiful with every step that you take. The memories you make on a trek like Ali Bedni Bugyal are something you’ll cherish forever. The feeling of being on such a high altitude, more than 11000 ft above sea level and reaching there after conquering all hardships is a feat that not many people can embark upon, much less achieve.

It goes without saying that the feeling of reaching the top is what makes any trek rewarding but it’s your dedication and strong will that makes you worthy of getting the reward of being on top in the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek. All this while, you will be traversing in a group of people who share the same passion as you and that sense of solidarity makes this Ali Bedni Bugyal trek even more unforgettable.

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